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Often overlooked, the drums play a significant role in braking. Not just to slow the vehicle, but to keep the vehicle aligned during the braking process. Neotek understands this important feature of the brake system and devotes the high quality focus deserved for this component.

  • Development & Design

All engineering drawings and tooling are developed in-house. Our staff of engineers have years of experience in design and manufacturing with multiple OE and OES partners around the world.

  • Casting & Foundry

Strict testing and process controls ensure a high quality casting, ready for machining.

  • Machining

CNC machining is performed on all products for consistent quality and reliability. Machining tolerances strictly follow industry standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Finish

In addition to the brake shoe area, additional machining or finishing is applied to areas where the brake shoe backing plates may cause noise inside the drum.

  • Balancing

All Neotek drums are 100% balanced to ensure smooth stops and eliminate vibration

  • Rust proofing & Package

A dry rust inhibitor is applied to each drum to enhance the presentation of the product. Each part is shrink-wrapped and shipped in a sturdy carton with support items to protect the lug bolts, bearings, etc.

  • Industry Standard G3000 SAE Standard Material
  • 100% in-house design & engineering
  • High grade raw materials
  • Strict foundry requirements
  • 100% Balancing
  • Dry rust preventative
  • Shrink wrapped
  • Installation Ready