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Premium Rotor

We don’t use the name “Premium” lightly: Neotek’s premium rotors are the highest quality OE replacement rotors available in the market today. Every aspect of engineering and manufacturing is performed 100% in our state of the art facilities to exceed our customers’ expectations

  • G11H18 High Carbon Material
  • Tighter machining tolerances
  • OE Equivalent In
    • Design
    • Vein configuration
    • Product Weight
  • CNC fine-turn finish
  • 100% Machine Balanced
  • High Quality Coating on non-braking surfaces

Standard Rotor

Neotek standard rotors are designed to match the OE configuration and manufactured in state of the art facilities. Made of G3000 cast iron, these rotors are machined to industry standard tolerances to provide high quality reliability at a competitive price point.

  • G3000 Industry Standard Material
  • OE Design & Weight Specifications
  • Industry Standard Machining Tolerances
  • 100% Machine Balanced
  • Non-Directional finish