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Standard Rotor

Neotek understands the importance of quality, at a competitive price, to all customers. Our quality focus ensures our rotors meet or exceed industry standards and outperform our customers’ expectations.

  • Development & Design

All engineering drawings and tooling are developed in-house. Our staff of engineers have years of experience in design and manufacturing with multiple OE and OES partners around the world.

  • Casting & Foundry

We know you cannot machine a good rotor from a bad casting. Strict testing and process controls ensure a high quality casting, ready for CNC machining.

  • Machining

CNC machining is performed on all rotors for consistent quality and reliability. Machining tolerances strictly follow industry standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Finish

Cross directional finish is applied to all Neotek standard rotors for a smooth surface finish, and dependable brake pad seating.

  • Balancing

All Neotek rotors are 100% mill balanced to ensure smooth stops and eliminate vibration

  • Rust proofing & Package

A dry rust inhibitor is applied to each rotor to enhance the presentation of the product. Each part is shrink-wrapped and shipped in a sturdy carton with support items to protect lug bolts, bearings, etc.

  • Industry Standard G3000 SAE Material
  • 100% in-house design & engineering
  • High grade raw materials
  • Strict foundry requirements
  • 100% Balancing
  • Dry rust preventative
  • Shrink wrapped
  • Installation Ready – No Machining Required