Quality you can see
Quality you can see

Who are we?

Neotek is one of the world’s leading offshore manufacturers of brake components and other automotive parts for both the original equipment service and aftermarket arenas. We also manufacture made-to-specification machine-cast parts for a vast range of applications in the medical and heavy construction equipment industries.

Neotek develops, manufactures, and markets customized, superior products in company-owned factories located in China and Taiwan. Primarily focused on producing brake components—rotors and drums—our factories are also capable of producing machine-cast products designed to the most stringent specifications.

Although you may not have heard of us before, you may already be using Neotek’s product via private label. We supply product in the United States to suppliers that offer premium quality brake drum and rotor product lines.

Why choose Neotek?

Recognizing the importance of clear communication, dedicated to customer satisfaction, global in perspective—Neotek is committed to helping people do business in today’s fast-paced world.

Neotek is in the business of serving its customers. Each part we produce, each component we deliver—they all reflect this fundamental belief.

Over a 26-year period, we have achieved this goal through continual innovation across the spectrum of all of our activities—advanced manufacturing, quality control, order process, and distribution.

Increased profit margins, low defective rates, premium product, and unbeatable customer service are what our program is all about. Let Neotek show you!


Total Customer Satisfaction

At Neotek, we believe that our customer’s business is our business too! This unique partnership philosophy drives us to set the industry benchmark in quality service. Neotek’s Total Customer Satisfaction system is applied to all processes (engineering, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and marketing) to ensure that our customers get service that is responsive and comprehensive enough to help them boost their own sales—True Partnership.

Over the years, our customers have recognized the outcome of these strong commitments with their greatest rewards, GROWTH!

Our Vision

Each day our team engages an increasingly competitive global marketplace, as the world becomes a smaller place in which to do business. The challenge is to anticipate short-term needs, while keeping an eye on the long-term. To meet this challenge, Neotek is committed to creating strong partnerships with customers through development and use of the most efficient systems and processes, innovative technology, and competitive market strategies.

At the core of our vision is our commitment to people, including all the way from Neotek professionals to the most significant people in our business—our Partners—Neotek customers and their customers too.

Neotek—committed, professional, partners in business.

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